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Roma teenagers and their families feel more favourable towards gender equal societies and reproductive freedom.

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  • Over 8000 adolescent girls and boys were able to build crucial life skills through relationship and sexuality education received from trained peers, teachers, health mediators or community workers.

    This is leading to important changes in their attitudes towards sensitive topics such as gender norms and stereotypes. In response to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, our partners in Serbia and Romania innovated to start providing relationship and sexuality education online.

    Vital dialogue has been successfully opened up in the communities more broadly about gender equality and the risks of early marriage and teenage motherhood, using theatre-based workshops as well as debates, discussions and information sessions.

    In some cases, these activities have led to fathers and older men in the community changing their opinions, for example by realising the importance of allowing their daughters the freedom to make their own choices.

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  • «I used to think, looking at my father, that the man was the only person in a family who could make decisions about everything, especially the number of children. The first time we talked about this topic during a workshop with the peer educators, I felt really confused. I needed some time to rethink, and after a couple of workshops I accepted that I also have a voice and can make choices. I also learned about modern contraception, and that it’s not shameful to have sex before getting married.»

    20-year-old woman

    Niš, Serbia

  • «The kids were very excited to learn something new. You realise that for a young girl or boy of 11 or 12, questions like “how to use a condom”; “can you have sex with a girl on her period?”; and “is there a condom for girls?”, are taboo, and they have no one to talk to at home because these things are seen as shameful. We're trying to explain that these are normal questions and it’s ok to talk about them.»

    Community nurse

    Bora, Romania

  • «I started participating in sex education workshops with other young people ten months ago. Thanks to the good atmosphere and open discussions, I now feel more comfortable to ask and speak to my father about sexuality, love, and how to protect myself. I’m really happy to know I can step out of a more traditional picture frame.»

    22-year-old man

    Pirot, Serbia

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