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Decision-makers have strengthened their commitment to the provision of quality family planning services for all.

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  • Bulgaria: The job of ‘Health mediator’ has now been recognised and regulated by law and the number of mediators employed and financed by the State has increased. This official recognition has improved mediators’ status and position in the health sector landscape and boosted their self-confidence.

    Serbia: Local Roma NGOs have successfully advocated for additional sexual and reproductive health budgets in local municipality action plans. Funds are now allocated for activities such as awareness-raising and education in Roma communities, and in some cases for condom distribution too.

    Romania: The Ministry of Health set up a working group to develop a reproductive health strategy, though this has unfortunately stalled as a result of the pandemic and worsening political instability.

    Bulgaria: The government has adopted a National Program for Improvement of Maternal and Child Health (2021-2030) that prioritises access to family planning. District and local authorities now need to make subsidised care a reality for people who are uninsured or cannot otherwise afford these services. In the meantime, our Bulgarian partner has persuaded several local authorities to prioritise subsidised family planning services in their strategies and budgets.

    Serbia: New national guidance on contraception for service providers has been adopted and shared with all primary healthcare providers in the country, together with training programmes for which they receive credits.

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  • «What is valuable for us is that over the years we have managed to establish the role of health mediators in the Kosharnik district. We have managed to pool our expertise and the uniqueness of each of us as professionals. And we now have a very strong team, which is actually the key to the success of all these activities.»

    Health mediator and local
    My Body, My Rights coordinator

    Montana, Bulgaria

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